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wallpaper: images sized suitably for use as a screen background image or computer desktop.

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The Mastiff
Whittington Castle, Shropshire (wallpaper version)
Woodcroft House Murder: Desktop Wallpaper Version
Free Wallpaper: The head of Henry VIII
King Henry VIII Stares Back
The Easter Volunteer Review: The 1st Artillery on the March from London to Brighton
Sir Thomas More Reflects [detail]
Sir Thomas More Reflects [detail, widescreen version]
Opening of a New Promenade and Drinking-Fountain at Blackpool, Lancashire
Specimens of Furniture, Time of Anne.
Woodcut with border
Troilus and Criseyde Exchange tokens
The lovers, wallpaper edition, from page 501
Leafy Border from page 501
The Kiss: the two lovers in the bedroom, a woodcut from page 501.
Kneeling unicorn
62.—Chepstow from the bridge.
Chepstow Castle, 4:3 cropped version
A closer crop of a portrait of Sir Charles Dickens
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