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armour: protective covering made of metal and used in combat; in particular, mediaeval armour of a knight.
Synonyms: armor , medieval armor

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Knight and Hermit
Title Page Image (detail)
Types of Armour
Frontispiece: Alice and the White Knight
194.—Ringed Mail. Cotton MS. Claud. B, 4.
Homecoming, by Robert Engels
Idler No. 8: George and the Dragon.
Military Costume, Middle of Fifteenth Century.
Three knights from the 15th century
Costume of Fifteenth Century Bowman
Costume of Fifteenth Century Knight
Costume of Fifteenth Century Pikeman
Charles-Quint Triomphant
The White Knight Falls Off His Horse
2043.—Musketeer, 1603
2045.—Infantry Armour, 1625 (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court; engraved in Skelton’s Armour)
2046.—Pikeman, 1635. (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court.)
2047.—Soldier of Trained Band, 1633
2048.—Cuirassier, 1645 (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court)
2050.—Helmets, 1645.  (From Specimens at Goodrich Court.)
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