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[Picture: 525.—The Crypt, St. Bartholomew’s Church.]
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525.—The Crypt, St. Bartholomew’s Church., in London, London, England more

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525.—The Crypt, St. Bartholomew’s Church.

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A dark stone-vaulted crypt extends as far as we can see; a man walks away from us, holding a burning taper out to light his way and carrying a heavy key. In the foreground a wine-barrel serves to hold a lamp, and several wine-bottles suggest heavy drinking.

The only other feature [of Saint Bartholomew’s Church, London] that it is necessary to mention is the crypt, which extends below the refectory, and is one of the most remarkable places of the kind even in London, so rich in crypts (Fig. 525). It runs the whole length of the refectory, and is divided by pillars into a central part and two aisles. Popular fancy has not even been satisfied with these suffiently

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