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castles: A fortified defensive building or structure. Strictly speaking, a castle was also a home, whereas a fort was purely defensive, but I have used castle for any fortified place. A castle may also have had a dungeon or donjon, a sort of prison for offenders and captured soldiers.
Synonyms: fort , keep , garrison

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Newark Tower
Warwick Castle from the River
Frontispiece: Alnwick Castle
Edinburgh from Calton Hill
Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory
Knight and Hermit
Detail from title page
Machines of War and Castle Diagram
Castle Diagram
A Siege of the Fifteenth Century
Front Cover, In Unfamiliar England
Windsor Castle, The Royal Residence
2. Castle Hedingham, Essex
23.—Remains of Old Sarum
3. Castle Hedingham, Essex
4. Castle Hedingham, Essex.
33.—Carnbré Castle
5. Castle Hedingham, Essex
Plan of Donnington Castle.
51.—Plan and Section of Chun Castle
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