History of Wales (page 5/7)

[picture: Caerphilli Castle [Caerphilly]]
[picture: Plate 41.---Cardiff Castle]

Plate 41.—Cardiff Castle

The castle dates from 1090 or so; Robert son of William I was imprisoned there for 26 years. Cardiff is now capital of Wales; in 1904 it had a population of 164,333. [more...]


[picture: 42.---Denbigh Castle, Denbighshire]

42.—Denbigh Castle, Denbighshire

The book does not discuss Denbigh Castle at all as far as I can tell. The castle was started in the 1280s by Edward I; like so many castles in Britain it was demolished as part of the English Civil War, in this case after a four-month [...] [more...]


[picture: 43.---Basingwork Abbey]

43.—Basingwork Abbey

Basingwork Abbey, Flintshire; drawn by H Gastineau; engraved by H. Jorden. [more...]


[picture: Plate 46.---Hay Church]

Plate 46.—Hay Church

Hay Church, Brecknockshire


[picture: Remains of Priory at Havorfordwest [Haverfordwest]]

Plate 48.—Remains of the Priory at Havorfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

Drawn by H. Gastineau. Engraved by J. Hinchiffe. [more...]


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