History of Wales (page 3/7)

[picture: Newport, Monmouthshire.]

Plate 12.—Newport, Monmouthshire.

Drawn by H. Gastineau, Engraved by S. Lacey.

Newport City Council Homepage


[picture: The Wye at Aberedwy]

Plate 14.—The Wye at Aberedwy.

Drawn by H. Gastineau, Engraved by S. Lacey.
A stunning view of the Wye Valley. The modern name of Aberedwy is Aberedw.


[picture: Ragland (Raglan) Castle, Monmouthshire]

Plate 15.—Ragland Castle

Ragland Castle, Monmouthshire. [more...]


[picture: Raglan (Raglan) Castle]

Plate 15.—Ragland Castle (Wallpaper Edition)

Ragland Castle, Monmouthshire [more...]


[picture: Powis Castle, or, Powys Castle]

Plate 16.—Powis Castle

Drawn by H. Gastineau, Engraved by J. C. Varrall. Powis is also spelt Powys in the book, and this is the usual modern spelling. [more...]


[picture: Plate 17.---Cyfartha Castle]

Plate 17.—Cyfartha Castle

Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire [more...]


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