History of Wales (page 4/7)

[picture: Plate 18.---Llanthony Abbey]

Plate 18.—Llanthony Abbey

West Front, Monmouthshire [more...]


[picture: Plate 18.---Llanthony Abbey (Wallpaper Edition)]

Plate 18.—Llanthony Abbey (Wallpaper Edition)

A cropped and resized version of Plate 18 for use as a dekstop background image.


[picture: Plate 20.---St. Dogmael's Priory]

Plate 20.—St. Dogmael’s Priory

St. Dogmael’s Prioty was founded by the Tironensians, a French order of monks similar to the Benedictines. [more...]


[picture: Plate 23.---Llanthony Abbey.]

Plate 23.—Llanthony Abbey.

This engraving shows the ruins of Llanthony Priory in Wales.

I have left the sepia tint from the old ink and paper.


[picture: Llantisilio Church]

Llantisilio Church

Llantisilio Church, Vale of Llangollen, Denbighshire
Drawn by H. Gastineau; Engraved by H. Adlard. [more...]


[picture: Coity Castle, Glamorganshire]

Coity Castle, Glamorganshire

A wood-engraving of the ruins of Coity Castle, complete with a young woman carrying a basket and a spade, perhaps growing vegetables in the former courtyard! The castle does not appear to be mentioned in the book, except for [...] [more...]


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