Oratio Dominica: The Lord’s Prayer in above 100 Languages, Versions and Characters (page 7/9)

[picture: 51: Britannica Aremoricana, Alia Versio]
[picture: pp50,51 (200K jpg image)]
[picture: 52: Cornubica, Waldensi]
[picture: 53: Anglo-Saxonica]
[picture: 54: Anglo-Saxonica altera vetustior]
[picture: 55: Scotia Meridionalis, Danica]
[picture: 56: Geldrica, Frisica]
[picture: 57: Hibernica]
[picture: 58: Polonica, Bohemica]
[picture: 59: Slavonica Charactere Hieronymiano]
[picture: 60: Syriaca Charactere Estrangelo]
[picture: 61: Armenica]

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