Oratio Dominica: The Lord’s Prayer in above 100 Languages, Versions and Characters (page 5/9)

[picture: 27, Malabarica, 3.5MByte scan]
[picture: 28: Brachmanica]
[picture: 29: Sinica]
[picture: 30: Lectio Mandarinica]
[picture: 31: Giorganica]
[picture: 32: Siamica, Madagascarica]
[picture: 33: Latina; Alia Versio, à Seb. Castaliona]
[picture: 34: Gallica, Italica]
[picture: 35: Forojuliana, Rhætica seu Grisonum.]
[picture: 36: Catalanica, Hispanica]
[picture: 37: Sardica, ut in Oppidis loqu., Sardica ut in Pagis (JPEG, includes p.36)]
[picture: 38: Lusitanica; Biscaina, sive Canabrica]

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