Oratio Dominica: The Lord’s Prayer in above 100 Languages, Versions and Characters (page 3/9)

[picture: 05: Græca, Textus Authenticus]
[picture: (05: JPEG image showing page texture)]
[picture: 06: Græca è Dialectis constructa; Græca Barbara]
[picture: 07: Græca Barbara alia.]
[picture: 08: Græca Metrica]
[picture: 09: Hebraica]
[picture: 10: Eadem charactere Samaritano]
[picture: 11: Chaldaica]

11: Chaldaica

Aramaic, written with the Hebrew alphabet including cantillation for marking vowels.


[picture: 12: Syriaca, Charactere vulgato]
[picture: 13: Coptica]
[picture: 14: Æthiopica]
[picture: 15: Amharica]

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