Oratio Dominica: The Lord’s Prayer in above 100 Languages, Versions and Characters (page 6/9)

[picture: 39: Berriensis, Valachica]
[picture: 40: Dalmatica, Croatica]
[picture: 41: Servica, Carnorum]
[picture: 42: Lusatica, Livonica]
[picture: 43: Esthonica, Lituanica]
[picture: 44: Finnonica, Lapponica]
[picture: 45: Wallacia, Hungarica]
[picture: 46: Germanica Antiqua, Germanica alia.]
[picture: 47: Germanica Hodierna, Helvetica]
[picture: 48: Svecica, Norwegica]
[picture: 49: Belgica, Saxonica]
[picture: 50: Britannica Vetus., Britannica Moderna]

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