The following insert was tucked inside a copy of Oratio Dominica, which book contains the Lord's Prayer in around 100 languages. The insert is dated 1759.

Eduardi Bernardi S. T. P. et ASTRONOMIÆ apud OXONIENSES
Professoris Saviliani,
Orbis eruditi Literature à Charactere Samaritico deducta &
ab ipso AD.1689

(N.B. Tabula hac qui vult uti, primo convertat oculos ad Columnas I & VIII; undè orientales Literæ procedunt sinistram, et occidentales ad dextram) J. Gilvers [?] Sculpt. [i.e. engraved]

[Note: Whoever wishes to use this table should first look at columns one and eight from where Eastern characters proceed to the left and Western to the right.]

[Thanks to Marius L. Jøhndal for the translation, provided in September 2005].

TABULAM hanc à se restauratam, et SUPPLEMENTIS quibusdam egregijs humanissimè
sibi subministratis auctum, MUSEI BRITANNICI CURATORIBUS, Muneris ` et Observantiæ suæ quasi Primitias, D. D. D. CAROLUS MORTON M.D. Soc. Reg. Lond. Secretis.' Col. Med. etc. AD.1759

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