Oratio Dominica: The Lord’s Prayer in above 100 Languages, Versions and Characters (page 8/9)

[picture: 62: Formosana, japanica & Tungkingensis]
[picture: 63: Mexicana, Poconchi]
[picture: 64: Virginiana, Philosophica]
[picture: 65: Philosophica altera., Orcadica]
[picture: 66: Monensis, Anglica Vetus (Wycliff Bible, 1380).]
[picture: 67: Anglica Vetus, Anglica Hodierna]
[picture: 68: Anglicaaltera Vetustior ... 1157]
[picture: 69: Versio Cl. Viri Jo. Checi, Edvardi VI. Præceptoris Eruditissimi.]
[picture: 70: Additamentm: Pater Per omnes hasce, aliasq; Linguas.]
[picture: 71 (continued)]
[picture: 1.]


VII. Alphabetum Hanscretanum sive Brachmanicum; Malabaricum [more...]


[picture: 2.]


IV. Men dæorum ex Syriaco AD. 277. [more...]


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