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Angel of the New year

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A winged angel, a woman, floats over a snow-covered village, a church and houses and farms visible in the background. She carries a severed evergreen tree over one shoulder and a shining lantern in her left hand, thrust forward to light her way. She wears a long flowing dress and is barefoot. Stars are visible through a gap in the clouds.

The painting is by Franz Wobring, with photogravure (I think) by Richard Bong. It was a large print, approximagely A3 in size.

F. Wobring: Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich here!

From heaven high, here I come!

Es träumte der Himmelsfriede

The peace of heaven dreamed

den süssen, seligen traum,

the sweet, blissful dream,

er schwebe auf Engelsflügen

he soars on angel flights

Hernieder zum Erdenraum.

Down to earth space.

Was klingen so frölich die Glocken

How merrily the bells ring

Durch die stille heilige Nacht?

Through the silent holy night?

Der Friede ist auf der Erde

Peace is on earth

Hold lächeind aufgewacht.

Hold up smiling.


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17362 dots per inch (approximately)



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