Moderne Kunst in Meister-Holzschnitten Band XV (page 2/2)

[picture: H Sperling: Horrified]

H Sperling: Horrified

Heinrich Sperling was a German artist known for painting animals, especially dogs and horses, but also cats. His paintings were full of realism but also often humour. Here, in Entsetzt (Horrified), an oil-painter’s pallette-board had becomea playground, the thumb-hole becoming a window for cats to leap in and overturn a saucer of milk in the middle of the green [...] [more...]


[picture: Angel of the New year]

Angel of the New year

A winged angel, a woman, floats over a snow-covered village, a church and houses and farms visible in the background. She carries a severed evergreen tree over one shoulder and a shining lantern in her left hand, thrust forward to light her way. She wears a long flowing dress and is [...] [more...]


[picture: New Year's Eve Punch]

New Year’s Eve Punch

A bright-eyed young woman holds a glass bowl over her head; it’s filled with punch, an alcoholic drink shared on New Year’s Eve. Out of the bowl arise spirits, or dreams, in pink compared ot the grey-blue of the rest of the picture: a vision [...] [more...]


[picture: Serpentin-Tanzerin [the serpentine dancer]]

Serpentin-Tanzerin [the serpentine dancer]

The German word tänzerin means dancer, but primarily a female one. In this case the title is probably a reference to the film Die Serpentintänzerin which was produced in 1895; the film lasted for only six seconds and showed a barefoot dancer whirling about with a shawl or scarf lifting up over her head as she turned. [more...]


[picture: Border with Green Man and Cherubs]

Border with Green Man and Cherubs

This full-page (landscape) border features two winged cherubs (or putti), one standing on either side, facing three-quarters away from us, the right-hand one holding binoculars up to his eyes. They are standing on an arrangment of vines [...] [more...]


[picture: Vorfrühling - Early Spring]

Vorfrühling - Early Spring

This colour engraving of a detailed painting shows a water-side lansdcape with perhaps a classical temple in the background amongst tall trees. There’s a cloudy sky. Near the riverbank or lakeside, a lady in a grey dress holds something orange, probably not a [...] [more...]


[picture: G. Tornai: At the harem]

G. Tornai: At the harem

A woman, baring her breasts, is dancing in a harem, one arm over her heard, her feet bare. In the background a musician plays a lyre; another woman serves Moroccan-style tea on an octagonal side-table. Three other woman, standing bowed, are [...] [more...]


[picture: H Hendrich: Sea Fables]

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