The Easter Volunteer Review: The 1st Artillery on the March from London to Brightondetails

[Picture: The Easter Volunteer Review: The 1st Artillery on the March from London to Brighton]
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The Easter Volunteer Review: The 1st Artillery on the March from London to Brighton




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Soldiers on the march pause for a moment outside the local pub, which has a sign showing a lion; crowds have gathered to watch the troops pass, most on foot but some on horse-back, and with carts on which are mounted heavy guns, cannons. To the left, an old lady leans on a stick, with some barefoot children near her.

The Volunteer Review at Brighton

A sufficient account was given last week of the annual review and sham fight on Easter Monday [April, 1870], in which the Volunteer Rifle Corps of London and the neighbouring countied, with a few coming from Lancashire of Yorkshire, mustered to the number of 26,000 on Brighton Downs. We now present a series of Illustrations of some interesting scenes and incidents of this great military and popular gathering, which was one of the most successful, thanks to the fine spring weather, that have ever taken place.

It has been mentioned [in the previous week’s edition] that a large part of metropolitan volunteer forces went down to Brighton [from London] on the Saturday, or on Good Friday, sure of passing the holiday time agreeably in that pleasant seaside town. The 1st Middlesex Artillery, or Hon. Artillery Company, was one of the corps which travelled by the high-road, instead of by the railway; and our Artist has delineated the scene in a village through which it passed, where the inhabitants seemed glad to welcome the citizen defenders of their native land.(p. 455, April 30, 1870)

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