Illustrated London News Vol 56 (page 1/4)


Title: Illustrated London News Vol 56

Editor: Leighton, George C.

City: London

Date: 1870

Total items: 33

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Some sample images

[picture: Hornbills]


The Hornbills are a family of birds which inhabit the tropics of Asia and Africa, dwelling in the deepest jungles and forests, and feeding principally upon ripe fruits. They are very remarkable for the large size and curious forms of their beaks, which vary much in the different species, and attain huge proportions in some of them. In most of them, [...]arboreal life. For many years it was supposed to be almost impossible to keep these handsome and attractive birds in a living state in this country [England]. But recently, the proper mode of treatment having been discovered, the Zoologi­cal Society of London has succeeded in intro-­ducing several of the largest and finest species of the group as permanent denizens of the aviaries in Regent’s Park. Amongst those at present in the society’s gardens are particularly noticeable a pair of the large concave-casqued hornbills, which have now been in the collection nearly six years, besides examples of several other ornamental species. To these an important addition has just been made in the shape of three hornbills, of which we now give an Illustration. The large figure in front repre­sents the white-faced male, and the adjoining figure is the black female of the plait-billed hornbill (Buceros Plicatus), while in the back­ground is a figure of a female of the slender hornbill (Buceros Gracilis). These three birds have recently arrived from Sumatra and Malacca, where they were taken as nestlings from the forest-trees in which they were bred last summer. Their bills are consequently not yet fuller [sic] developed, and will attain much larger proportions as the birds grow older. (p. 346) [more...] [$]

[picture: Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: H.---Vielle, or Hurdy-Gurdy]

Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: H.—Vielle, or Hurdy-Gurdy

“The French vielle, which we should call a hurdy-gurdy, bears the date of 1550, and the monograms of Catherine de Medici and of Henri II., with the Royal arms of France; it has ten ivory keys and six tuning pegs; it is decorated, in black [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Screen in Selby Church]

Screen in Selby Church

“The Abbey of Selbey was founded by William the Conqueror, who richly endowed it, according to some because it was the place where Matilda of Flanders gave birth to Henry Beauclerc, while others state that this event was subsequent to the foundation. [...] It is in the Norman, the Early English, and the Decorated Styles [obviously only the Norman part [...] the central tower and mutliated south transept.” (p. 353) [more...] [$]

[picture: Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: Q.---Castanets.]

Musical Instruments at the South Kensington Museum: Q.—Castanets.

“[...] with two pair of modern castanets, one ivory and the other ebony, which require no special notice.” (p. 368) [$]

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Illustrations from The Illustrated London News, Vol. LVI (1870).

This was a popular weekly newspaper in London, with huge numbers of engravings. Because of the printing processes and relatively low paper quality the engravings are not always very clear.

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