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[Picture: A man leads a horse through the snow, at night]
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Image title: Going Home to Love in a Cottage
Source: Dalziel, the Brothers: “A Record of Fifty Years’ Work” (1901)
Keywords: snow, christmas, people, animals, horses, greyscale, wallpaper, backgrounds
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A man leads a horse through the snow, at night. He holds on to his hat with one hand.

The very spot where the Snorkers held a pic-nic. Oh! didn’t the ladies cry out in one voice, “I could live in such a charming place for ever, if only—” At the self-same pic-nic, Tilbury Pawkins plighted his troth to Amelia Softspoon. Now they are married, and Amelia has begun trying to live in the “charming place,” and Pawkins is going home to a damp cottage and a rheumatic wife as blithely as a newly-married man should. (p. 309)

At the larger sizes, you can see how the engraver has achieved the effect of a snow-storm at night. This engraving was made for Fun magazine.

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Dimensions: 174 x 106mm (6.9 x 4.2 inches)
Place shown: none
Filename: tn/309-Going-home-to-Love-in-a-cottage-q75-500x313.jpg
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Engraver: Dalziel
Artist: Francis Arthur Fraser (1846 – 1924)
Scanner dpi: 1200
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