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Image title: Military Costume, Middle of Fifteenth Century.
Source: Aubrey, William Hickman Smith: “The National and Domestic History of England (Vol 2)” (1878)
Keywords: soldiers, people, weapons, knights, armour, swords, shields, helmets, costumes, colour, cartici, wallpaper, backgrounds
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An archer with a longbow, sword, shiel and arrows; a knight in plate mail armour with a sword; a knight in full armour including a crested helm with pink and white feathers, a short sword or dagger, a longsword, a pike, and a shield with an heraldic bearing to identify him in battle. Each soldier stands in a separate ogive archway, the arches having mullioned gothic decoration.

See also separate images for the frame of three gothic arches with pillars,
the bowman,
the man in plate armour and
the pikeman, and also
the three knights without the background

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