The National and Domestic History of England (Vol 2) (page 1/5)

[picture: Front Cover]

Pictures and short extracts from The National and Domestic History of England Volume II (A.D. 1399 – 1603), by William Hickman Smith Aubrey (1858 – 1916). The book is undated, but is probably 1878, since I found someone selling a copy with an inscription dated 1879. The engravings are mostly anonymous, and hence out of copyright; the author died more than 75 years ago, and so the text is out of copyright; any photographs were taken more than 50 years ago and are out of copyright. The status of signed engravings would depend on the artist, but I have not yet uploaded any such items. Check the individual image descriptions for more information.

In 2015 I bought the three-volume set from Bookends of Fowey in Cornwall, UK. Previously I had only Volume II and part of volume III.

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Volume 2

Volume 3

See also the Google books scan of this book.

Title: The National and Domestic History of England (Vol 2)

Author: Aubrey, William Hickman Smith

City: London

Date: 1878

Total items: 42

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: Costume of Fifteenth Century Bowman]

Costume of Fifteenth Century Bowman

A soldier from “Three knights from the 15th century” without the background or border. [more...]


[picture: Monk's Walking Dress of the Middle Ages]

Monk’s Walking Dress of the Middle Ages

Costume of a monk walking on foot in and around the time of Kind Eward IV: 1440 to 1480 or so, the second half of the fifteenth century.


[picture: Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves (landscape version)]

Free clip-art: Victorian border of twigs and leaves (landscape version)

This is a simplified version of the rustic full-page border of twigs with smaller decoration (leaving more room for content) and without the centre pieces, and rotated to be in “landscape” orientation. [more...]


[picture: Sixteenth-century noble couple]

Sixteenth-century noble couple

These two people represent nobility from the third quarter of the sixteenth century (1550 to 1580); they have hats in red and gold; ruffs around their necks; fur-lines gowns; red sleeves. They have slightly pinkish faces. The man has white [...] [more...]


[picture: Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury]

Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury

Parker’s deliberation, prudence, learning, and his thorough knowledge of ecclesiastical affairs in general, and particularly of the state of the Church of England from the beginning of the Reformation, secured for him the confidence of Elizabeth’s great statesmen. Though naturally bashful, he was rough in his [...]