Dictionary of Proverbs (page 5/6)

[picture: The more Haste the worse Speed;  When the Sky falls we shall catch Larks.]
[picture: 'Tis too late to spare when all is spent;  One Swallow does not make Summer.]
[picture: When the Steed's stolen, shut the Stable Door.]
[picture: After sweet Meat comes sour Sauce; [woodcut of stout man, seated, with bandaged foot]]
[picture: A Shoemaker must not go beyond his Last]
[picture: The Traceys have always the Wind in their Faces; To cut large Thongs out of another Man's Leather; Too much of one Thing is good for nothing]
[picture: One good Turn deserves another;  He steals a Goose, and gives the Giblets in Alms.]
[picture: An old Dog will learn no Tricks; If you trust before you try, You may repent before you die.]
[picture: Nothing venture, nothing have; Virtue which parleys is near a Surrender.]
[picture: Well begun is half ended;  All is well that ends well.]
[picture: Many Words will not fill a Bushel;  The younger Brother the better Gentleman.]
[picture: One scabbed Sheep marrs a whole Flock;  Tread on a Worm and it will turn.]

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