Dictionary of Proverbs (page 4/6)

[picture: Give a Man Luck and throw him into the Sea;  Money makes the Mare to go;  Much falls between the Cup and the Lip.]
[picture: Little Pitchers have great Ears;  Many talk of Robin Hood who never shot in his Bow.]
[picture: Need makes the old Wife trot;  [woodcut: barefoot old woman hitches up skirts to cross a stream]]
[picture: Better play at small Game than stand out;  Give him a Rowland for his Oliver.]
[picture: Give him a Rowland for his Oliver;  Penny Wise, and Pound Foolish;  He that Reckons without his Host must reckon again.]
[picture: Proferred Service stinks;  The Receiver is as bad as the Thief;  Reckon not your Chickens before they are hatched.]
[picture: It's neither Rhime nor Reason; What is got over the Devil's Back will be spent under his Belly.]
[picture: To buy a Pig in a poke;  Robin Hood's Pennyworths;  He looks one way and rows another.]
[picture: A Rolling Stone gathers no Moss;  It is good to make Hay while the Sun shines.]
[picture: Near is my Shirt, but Nearer is my Skin.]
[picture: One Man had better steal a Horse than another look over the Hedge;  [woodcut: highayman with hat and cape leads a horse]]
[picture: He makes a Rod for his own Breech.]

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