Dictionary of Proverbs (page 3/6)

[picture: He who has a mind to beat a Dog will easily find a Stick; Naught is never in Danger; Faint Heart never won fair Lady.]
[picture: Fast bind, fast find;  Like Father like Son.]
[picture: A Fool's Bolt is soon shot;  Birds of a Feather flock together;  Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.]
[picture: He sets the Fox to keep his Geese.  [woodcut: fox watching geese]]
[picture: As sure as God's in Gloucestershire;  Every Man thinks his own Geese Swans.]
[picture: Good Wine needs no Bush;  Kissing goes by Favour;  A Lark is better than a Kite]
[picture: All goes down Gutter-lane; As Wise as a Man of Gotham; As good as George of Green; [woodcut: stout man drinks from mug, holds saussage with a fork]]
[picture: Save a Thief from Hanging, and he'll cut your Throat; Jack will never make a Gentleman.]
[picture: Harm watch, Harm catch; It is a good Horse that never stumbles.]
[picture: Hungry Dogs will eat dirty Pudding;  He that would live at Peace and Rest, Must hear and see, and say the Best.]
[picture: Sue a Beggar and catch a Louse; Many Hands make Light Work; [woodcut: well-dressed man scratches his head standing near a beggar with outstretched hat]]
[picture: Fat Paunches make Lean Pates.]

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