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[picture: The Order of the Inspirati.]

The Order of the Inspirati.

This full-page engraving contains supposed portraits of: [more...]


[picture: Portrait of Apollonius]

Portrait of Apollonius

This fanciful portrait of the Greek philosopher Appollonius shows him with a long beard. He stands next to a heavenly sphere with part of Scorpio visible both as a constellation of stars and as a [...]Καί σὺ τάλαινα Άντιόχεια and in English, “And thou, miserable city of Antioch.” [more...]


[picture: Paracelsus receives from the Inspiration of Spirits]

Paracelsus receives from the Inspiration of Spirits

The actual caption in the figure is PARACELSUS Receits from the Inſpiration of Spirits. [more...]


[picture: Full-page border with tiny vintage laurel leaves and hand-drawn box]

Full-page border with tiny vintage laurel leaves and hand-drawn box

This full-page border comes from an engraving, so it’s slightly irregular, but only slightly, almost hand-drawn in effect. It’s made from a thin straight line around the page and, inside it, repeating pairs of leaves, probably laurel leaves, with a small circle at the top middle. I coloured the outer straight border brown and made the outlines of [...] [more...]


[picture: Magical Circle, Seals and Characters]

Magical Circle, Seals and Characters

Text above the scanned part reads, Ingrav’d for Sibleys Astrology Noº59 [more...]


[picture: Edward Kelly, A Magician]

Edward Kelly, A Magician

Edward Kelly [sic for Kelley] in the Act of invoking the Spirit of a Deceased Person. Marked, Sibly Del, Ames Sculp., Dr. Dee’s Works. [more...]


[picture: Detail]


Part of the Edward Kelley engraving showing the magical circle in more detail.


[picture: A Laboratory.]

A Laboratory.

A Laboratory
Shewing how a Simple Spirit may be extracted, to represent Flowers & Herbs, in Full Bloom. [more...]


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