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[picture: Frontispiece, Judges V. 20.]

Frontispiece, Judges V. 20.

The engraving opposite the title page of this erly 19th century (1806) book on Astrology clearly tries to place a Biblical and Christian veneer over the proceedings. It falls perhaps a little wide of the mark by showing people in what appears to be a Greek (pre-Christian) temple, one of whom plots a chart, another, a young man wearing a tunic, carried [...] [more...]


[picture: Front Cover, Sibly Astrology Book]

Front Cover, Sibly Astrology Book

This two-volume 1810 book on the Occult Sciences (astrology) is bound in leather.


[picture: Title Page, Sibly Astrology Book]

Title Page, Sibly Astrology Book

Maybe someone can transcribe it and mail the text to liam at holoweb dot net?


[picture: The Harmony of the World]

The Harmony of the World

The Biblical references at the bottom of this picture as as follows: [more...]


[picture: The Signs and Planets]

The Signs and Planets

A TABLE exhibiting at one View the Natures Dignities, Triplicities & Affections of the Signs and Planets.

Opposite Vol I p. 107.


[picture: Woodcut: Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books (detail of portrait of Ebenezer Sibly).]

Woodcut: Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books (detail of portrait of Ebenezer Sibly).

This vignette shows a snake climbing up a stick, perhaps a magic wand since this woodcut was in a book about astrology and magick; the wand rests againsts a pile of leather-bound books. [more...]


[picture: The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (second version).]

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (second version).

Pictures representing The twelve houses of the zodiac. These vintage images are made by scanning impressions of metal type made on paper in 1806; they are slightly different from the [...] [more...]


[picture: The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (first version)]

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (first version)

This image is taken from a table in the book; the images are repeated at the head and foot, and in fact differ very slightly in each place. I do not know whether they are made from type or, as seems more likely, the whole page is an engraving. I scanned the table heading at 3200 pixels per inch, so that the resulting images are large. I [...]Aries (the ram)
Taurus (the bull)
Gemini (the twins)
Cancer (the crab)
Leo (the lion)
Virgo (the virgin)
Libra (the scales)
Scorpio (the scorpion)
Sagittarius (the archer, or centaur)
Capricorn (the goat)
Aquarius (the water-carrier)
Pisces (the fish, or fishes) [more...]


[picture: Aries (the Ram, or Sheep)]

Aries (the Ram, or Sheep)

Zodiac sign for Aries taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Taurus (the Bull)]

Taurus (the Bull)

Zodiac sign for Taurus taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Gemini (the Twins)]

Gemini (the Twins)

Zodiac sign for Gemini taken from The Zodiac


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