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[picture: Cancer (the Crab)]

Cancer (the Crab)

Zodiac sign for Gemini taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Leo (the lion)]

Leo (the lion)

Zodiac sign for Leo taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Virgo (the Virgin, or young woman, or youth)]

Virgo (the Virgin, or young woman, or youth)

Zodiac sign for Virgo taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Libra (the scales)]

Libra (the scales)

Zodiac sign for Libra taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Scorpio (the Scorpion)]

Scorpio (the Scorpion)

Zodiac sign for Scorpio taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Sagittarius (the Archer, or Centaur)]

Sagittarius (the Archer, or Centaur)

Zodiac sign for Sagittarius taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Capricorn (the Goat)]

Capricorn (the Goat)

Zodiac sign for Capricorn taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Aquarius (the water carrier)]

Aquarius (the water carrier)

Zodiac sign for Aquarius taken from The Zodiac


[picture: Pisces (the fish, or two fishes)]

Pisces (the fish, or two fishes)

Zodiac sign for Pisces taken from The Zodiac


[picture: 41.---Benjamin Bromnsell Married]

41.—Benjamin Bromnsell Married

Astrological marriage chart for Banjamin Bromnsell, married 29th November, 1784. I have scanned the engraving separately, Marriage is Honorable, and at higher resolution. [more...]


[picture: Marriage is Honourable in all]

Marriage is Honourable in all

This engraving accompanies the astrological chart for Benjamin Brownsell, married 29th November 1784. A man and a woman face one another and clasp hands, as they stand between two pillars. Two naked cherubs (a boy and a girl) are about to place laurel wreaths on them, symbols of victory for the bride and groom. The two children are the zodiacal symbol for Gemini, the twins; they have stepped out of the ring of the zodiac, and other signs are visible [...] [more...]


[picture: Nativity Chart for James Usher / Bishop Ussher]

Nativity Chart for James Usher / Bishop Ussher

James Usher, Archbishop of Armargh.
Born January 4. 1. 3m. P.M. 1580. [more...]


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