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Gate at Karnak

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[Karnak] is the most imposing ruin in the world, devastated sadly, but not in a heap of débris. The ruins cover an area of nearly two miles in circumference. Was there one symmetrial structure, dedicated to one worship, or was there a combination of many temples, dedicated to many gods? The former idea is supported by the fact that there are still traceable twelve approaches to the ruins, in different directions, each avenue broad enough for two chariots.


The entrances at the terminations of these avenues are surmounted by tage-ways such as a Titan might construct, and these gate-ways open into a series of propylæa, or vestibules, which have dimensions that can only be compared with the base of the pyramids. Our first visit to Karnak was made at the end of the avenue of Luxor. It is adorned with a winged sun.” (p. 583)

It is now known that there was a village and also multiple temples. This is probably the gate at the Temple of Montu.



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