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spirit: to do with spiritual or religious aspects of the self.

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Frontispiece: Burkard Keller of Yburg.
11.—Gaulish Deity.  Cernunnos.
12.—Gaulish Deity.  Hesus.
A Ruby kindles in the vine
56.—The Druid Grove.
Silver Cup.
283.—Royal Costume, and the Harness and Equipment of Horses.  (Cotton M.S.)
Head of a Roman House Offering Sacrifice
53.—Mongrams, Crosses, etc. [overview]
53.1.—Cross of the Holy Name
53.2.—IHS Monogram
53.4.—Decorative Cross
53.5.—Cross With Unkempt Hair
53.6.—Cross with Circle
53.7.—Clubs On Legs
53.9.—Gothic Cross
53.11.—Four Quarters Cross
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