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roman remains: anything constructed by the Romans.

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Rome: Pantheon
35.—Round Tower of Donoughmore.
91.—Roman Church in Dover Castle
92.—Roman Eagle.
98.—Plan of Richborough.
99.—Richborough.  General View, from the East.
100.—North Wall of Richborough.
101.—Plan of the Platform and Cross, Richborough
102.—Bronze, found at Richborough.
104.—Plan of Porchester Castle, Hants.
105.—General View of the Ruin of Pevensey Castle.
106.—Plan of Pevensey Castle.
107.—Walls and Gate, Pevensey.
108.—Walls, Pevensey.
115.—Rome—A fragment after Piranesi.
116.—Roman Victory.
124.—Silchester.  The North Wall.
125.—Silchester.  Plan of City.
126.—Amphitheatre at Dorchester.
128.—Amphitheatre at Pompeii.
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