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horses: animals that people often ride or use to pull carts.

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Sulgrave Manor
Knight and Hermit
Frontispiece: The Horses of San Marco, Looking North.
Title Page Image (detail)
Frontispiece: St. Paul’s Catheral from Cheapside.
Frontispiece: The Ostrich.
Chapter Heading Woodcut featuring Neptune and Mermaids
Frontispiece: Alice and the White Knight
35.—Round Tower of Donoughmore.
74.—Welsh Agricultural Cart
126.—Amphitheatre at Dorchester.
Decorated (Historiated) initial letter C by Valerio Spada
135a.—Antique engraving of a horse
135b.—Antique engraving of a horse
147.—Horse and trainer.
150.—Horce racing.
159.—Horse and Carriage.
Horses eating a scanty meal
160. – Horse and Carriage.
162.—Horse and Carriage.
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