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hills: small mountains. Mounds.

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Knight and Hermit
Frontispiece: Lâon, View From the Plain
23.—Remains of Old Sarum
32.—Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire
33.—Carnbré Castle
76.—The Herefordshire Beacon.
77.—British Camp at caer Caradoc.—From Roy’s Military Antiquities.
87.—Country near Dover.
166.—Two dogs in Scotland
III. The Temple Over the Canyon, Segesta
382.—Alnwick Castle.
419.—Warkworth Castle
Carlisle Castle, Cumberland
421.—Ludlow Castle
424.—Peverel Castle
V. The Columns of Castor and Pollux, Girgenti
The Tomb of Jonas
Jean and George were Exchanging Glances and Whispered Words
King Arthur’s Castle, Off Tintagel Head, Cornwall
832.—Harlech Castle
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