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1052.—St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in Newcatle-upon-tyne, Northumberland, England more

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1052.—St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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Among the more important churches erected in the period of which we treat, that of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne holds an honourable place (Fig. 1052). It crowns a bold eminence, and forms from every point of view the cihef ornament of the town. The founder was St. Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury; the time, the reign of William Rufus. Henry I. gve the church to the canons of Carlisle. It was burned in 1216, and rebuilt, as supposed, about 1359. The most remarkable feature is the steeple, two hundred and one feet high, erected in the reign of Henry VI., which is of the most elegant character, in the form of an imperial crown; the tall pinnacle is hollow, the stones only four inches broad; indeed, of such airy constrution is the whole tower, that is has been observed, a man could carry with ease under his arm the largest stone contained in it.

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