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Frontispiece: Lâon, View From the Plain, in Lâon, Picardy, France more

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Frontispiece: Lâon, View From the Plain

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The Cathedral of Lâon, or Laon, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon, was built in the 12th century.

Voillet-le-Duc, in his review of the cathedral of Lâon, says that it has a certain ring of democracy and is not of that religious aspect that attaches to Chartres, Amiens, or Rheims. From the distance it has more the appearance of a château than of a church: its nave is low when compared with other Gothic naves, and its general outside appearance shows evidence of something brutal and savage; and as far as its colossal sculptures of animals, oxen and horses, which appear to guard the upper parts of the towers, are concerned, they combine to give an impression more of terror than of a religious sentiment.” (p. 41)

Yes, it really does say that.



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