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A Procession in the Catacomb of Callistus

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Navigating the underground paths of the dead in Rome, carrying only a flickering torch to fend off the darkness! The note printed on the tissue-paper protecting this image reads: The nucleus of the great catacomb on the Via Appia was formed by the crypts of Lucina and the hypogaeum of the family of the Caecilii, both pagan and Christian members of which had their burial places on the Appian Way. S. Cecilia ws buried here. See pages 42, 45, 46, 29. I have transcribed the passages as follows:

“If those who had inscribed the proud words round the dome of S. Peter’s has known that hidden in the catacombs there were frescoes representing Peter as the new Moses striking the rock from which flow forth the saving waters of Christ—the name Petrus clearly written above him—even they must have thrilled with wonder and awe: the upholders of Petrine primacy could not have imagined or devised a parable of the first centuries better fitted to their hand.

The burial-places of the first Christians in Rome were their only certain property. The law allowed to every corporation its religiosus locus, its God’s acre, property seldom confiscated even in the worst hours of the great persecutions. It was thus that the Christians,

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