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Chapel of San Lorenzo at S. Benedict’s, Subiaco, in Subiaco, Rome, Italy more

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Chapel of San Lorenzo at S. Benedict’s, Subiaco

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This painting by Alberto Pisa shows the inside of the upper church of Sacro Speco, at the Benedictine monastery at Subiaco, near Rome, in Italy. The frescoes (wall-paintings) are from the fourteenth century, in the “Sienese” style. Lorenzo Loricato was a hermit from the 13th century, some 700 years after the time of St. Benedict.

The book, like many travel books, looks down on the local people, the peopleof Rome in this case, as if they were ignorant savages, and says, amongst other things:

A large number of the people praying so devoutly to the Madonna di Saint’ Agostino (whose other principal care is the safety of childbirth) are praying for luck in the lottery.

30 Days Magazine article featuring the chapel [original Italian] [English, via Google translation]


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