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[Picture: Ragland (Raglan) Castle, Monmouthshire]
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Plate 15.—Ragland Castle, in Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales more

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Plate 15.—Ragland Castle

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Ragland Castle, Monmouthshire.

Drawn by H. Gastineau. Engraved by H. Adlard.

There are more pictures of Ragland Castle (also called Raglan Castle) in this gallery, and another in Oman’s Castles book. There’s also a cropped version for use as wallpaper.


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Added by Stephen Bennett on Fri Oct 12 10:39:58 2007

I’ve just found your website and it looks very interesting. Good work! I looked up some Welsh castles to see the kind of thing you had and because I’m Welsh.
You show a picture of Raglan Castle, Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales, but you have called it Ragland castle. A small error but you seem to be the sort of person who likes to get important details right.
I hope this helps.

Added by Liam Quin on Fri Oct 12 22:37:36 2007

You see a lot of variations in spelling in older books, and for the image captions I have retained the original spelling of the caption. However, I use the more modern spelling "Raglan" for the place, as you can see with, for example, this search.



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