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[picture: Front Cover, The Leisure Hour]

Title: The Leisure Hour

Author: Various

Published by: The Leisure Hour

City: London

Date: 1896

Total items: 15

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Some sample images

[picture: ]
[picture: Apteryx Mantelli.  From a Photograph.]
[picture: Darjeeling Railway 1]
[picture: Darjeeling Railway 2]
[picture: Back cover]
[picture: In Single File]

Places shown:

Darjeeling ·Jura ·London ·none ·Vincelles

Images and extracts from “The Leisure Hour” collected edition of 1896. It was published in London, where copyright lasts until 70 years after a person’s death. There is no editor credited, and usually no artist or engraver, but it’s not inconceivable that a twenty-year-old could have worked on this edition and lived to be over seventy. I have marked the images as being for non-commercial use only, but if you determine that an image is out of copyright, go ahead and use it as you will.

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