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[picture: Front Cover, The Leisure Hour]

Front Cover, The Leisure Hour

Blue cloth with black and gold printing; a fine cover for this collection of The Leisure Hour from 1896.


[picture: Spine of the book]

Spine of the book

This bound edition of The Leisure Hour has a luxurious blue and gold cover.


[picture: Back cover]

Back cover

Even the back of this book has a floral decoration, in black against the blue cloth.


[picture: Title Page, the Leisure Hour]

Title Page, the Leisure Hour

Title page from “The Leisure Hour”—this was a monthly magazine, and this book is all of the issues for the year 1896, bound together. The engraving is signed J.H. Hipsley. [more...]


[picture: Mr. Carlyle.]

Mr. Carlyle.

From a photograph by Elliott & Fry. [more...]


[picture: The Robin's Christmas Carol]

The Robin’s Christmas Carol

A robin redbreast sits on a sprig of holly and sings. The holly has berries. In the background is a winter scene with a snow-covered house. [more...]


[picture: In Single File]

In Single File

Three ladies skating on ice one after the other, holding on to a pole. They are Dutch, and have the clogs to prove it.


[picture: Sleighing]


A driver and two passengers (a man and a woman) ride a horse-driven sleigh over the ice. The image, which is printed using a dot-screen method to simulate gray, is signed Davey, and also (I think) Carson. [more...]


[picture: Darjeeling Railway 1]

Darjeeling Railway 1

“India can show a most interesting experiment in railway constructioon in the recently built line to Darjeeling, on the slopes of the Himalayas. The problem to be solved by its projectors was how to construct a railway for goods and passenger traffic which shouold rise to a height of 7,000 feet in a distance of forty-five miles. The distance as the [...] [more...]


[picture: Darjeeling Railway 2]

Darjeeling Railway 2

“The line has done wonders in the development of a valuable tea district, and is returning a revenue to the Treasury of India of about £20,000 a year, [...] [more...]


[picture: Golden Strings]

Golden Strings

By permission of the Berlin Photographic Company
By J. M. Strudwick. [more...]


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