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Title: The Leisure Hour

Author: Various

City: London

Date: 1904

Total items: 17

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[picture: A Vision of the Future]
[picture: Two of the revellers in Irish peasant costume]
[picture: Charles Dickens in 1830.]
[picture: King Edward VII. in his uniform as colonel of a Russian regiment.]
[picture: Hobgoblin Hall]

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Places shown:

County Cork ·East Lothian ·England ·Fort Pitt ·Gads Hill Place ·Hampshire ·Higham-by-Rochester ·Kent ·London ·Nottingham ·Nottinghamshire ·Portsmouth ·Tyninghame ·none

Images and some text from The Leisure Hour: An Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading, 1904/5.

Individual images may or may not be out of copyright here; I cannot guarantee that I have it right, sorry. Photographs taken before 1945 in England by British citizens and not published in other European countries are out of copyright. Engravings and drawings that were commissioned (works for hire) are also out of copyright, as are typographic elements. Other items are out of copyright 70 years after the death of the creator, generally.

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