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[picture: Molly Sat Waiting For Her Father]

Molly Sat Waiting For Her Father

An attrctive young lady sits gazing out of an open window into a rose garden. She is dressed in Victorian costume, with a tight corset. She is in love. [more...]


[picture: Apteryx Mantelli.  From a Photograph.]

Apteryx Mantelli. From a Photograph.

The Apteryx is the name given to the genus of birds moer commonly known as the kiwi; they are native to New Zealand. The Apteryx Mantelli is the north Island Brown Kiwi bird. [more...]


[picture: Axis Deer (Calcutta)]

Axis Deer (Calcutta)

Axis Deer photographed by Gambier Bolton, F.Z.S. (Fellow of the Zoological Society), accompanying the article on the London Zoo, but it is not clear whether they are mentioned [...] [more...]


[picture: One of the dark cells]

One of the dark cells

From a contemporary sketch. [more...]


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