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tombs: a grave, usually more elaborate than just a gravestone; an area in a church set aside to commemorate a corpse.

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Kist-vain, from the Druidical Antiquities plate
Cromleh near Dundalk Ireland, from the Druidical Antiquities plate.
Cromleh near Plaisnewdd in Anglesea
Lanyon Cromleh Cornwall.  From the Druidical Antiquities plate.
21.—Four Tumuli at Barlow Hills, Essex
22.—Galleries at New Grange, Plan and Section
36.—Kit’s Coty House near Aylesford, Kent
37.—Kit’s Coty House.
38.—King’s Coty House
39.—Trevethy Stone
40.—Cromlech at Plas Newydd, Anglesey
41.—Constantine Tolman, Cornwall
42.—Wayland Smith’s Cave
43.—Harold’s Stones, Trelech, Monmouthshire
Catacombs in Alexandria
528.—Prior Rahere’s Tomb.
Widow Mourning
1026.—Tomb of the Boy Bishop, Salisbury
1156.—Tomb of Henry IV and his Queen
The Beauchamp Chapel
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