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Widow Mourning

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The book describes a train journey from Cairo to Kafr et Zayat station at Tantah. This illustration appears to depict a woman clad in black and wearing a shawl, citing in amidst the ruins of some ancient city, weeping, presumably for her lost husband. It is not clear whether she is in a graveyard or by a some ancient tomb. The engraving is signed by the engraver or artist, Leopold Carl Müller.

An endless breadth of green fields spreads on every side, interspersed withvillage that look from afar like tumuli, or ant-hills, shaded by palms, and not unfrequently clustering round the rubbish heaps and ruins of some destroyed city. Camels and asses, with their drivers, pass in long files along the dykes that stand up high above the plain; black buffaloes go down to the water to drink, and birds, large and small, far more numerous than in Europe, people the air. Here buffaloes are grazing, there half-naked men and women, in long blue garments, are labouring in a cotton-field.” (p. 620)



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