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beards: hair growth; hirsuit people.

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Frontispiece: Edward VII Taking the Oath
Frontispiece: When He Comes He will Rule over the Whole World
John Carroll D..D., Portrait and Signature
Title Page Detail: Francis Quarles
Frontispiece 3: Capt. E. J. Smith
Back cover
13.—Two Druids.  Bas-relief found at Autun.
15.—Group of Arch-Druid and Druids
The Wassail Bowl
29.—Arch-Druid in his full Judicial Costume.
St. Simon Stylites, Hermit of the Pillar
1.—Title page: The Book of Urizen
Christofel Cololus [Christopher Columbus]
63.—Gaulish Costume.
Portraits of Great Statesmen 1
Abraham Lincoln
4.—Urizen kneels.
5.—The Book Revealed
The Death of Cordelia.
6.—Urizen in the Womb-like Globe
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