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Items in Salisbury Plain (results page 1)

1.—Ground Plan of Stonehenge in its present state.
2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.
3.—Stonehenge. – Perspective Elevation, restored.
4.—Stonehenge: section 1 to 2 (Restored Plan, Fig. 2), 105 feet.
14.—Druidial Ornaments
16.—Ancient British Weapons of bone and flint.
20.—Varieties of Druid Barrow
24.—Contents of Ancient British Barrows
31.—British Weapons of Bronze, in their earliest and improved state.
Stone Henge in Wiltshire, wallpaper version
49.—Stone Henge, in Wiltshire.
Stone Henge in Wiltshire, wide-screen version