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forests: places where many trees grow.
Synonyms: woodland , copse , wood

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Frontispiece: Burkard Keller of Yburg.
Frontispiece: She clipped a precious golden lock
Map of the New Forest and Adjacent Country
Decorative initial letter B
Bucolic scene from a glade in a forest.
The Chimæra
49.—Huts in a Cingalese Village.
55.—Welsh Pigsty.
56.—The Druid Grove.
In a Gloomy Wood
In Needwood Forest
228.—Saxon Emblems of the Month of February.
231.—Boar-Hunting.—(From Cotton MS.)
Mournful / Contemplative Full-Page Border With Statues
Art Nouveau Nude Archer in Forest
Tales of Perrault: Little Thumb
Magdalen Tower From Christchurch
A Glade in the New Forest
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