Elephants cayying logs at Rangoondetails

[Picture: Elephants cayying logs at Rangoon]
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Elephants cayying logs at Rangoon

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“One morning we rose at 5 a. m. for an early excursion to see elephants haul teak from the river-bank to higher ground, where the logs would dry before transference to the sawmills. We went at this time to avoid the heat, and also because the elephants rest after 11 a. m.

The illustration will show the processs, but it was an amusing sight to see five pnderous animals moving slowly along, propelling the logs with their trunks, and ever and anon trumpeting; not being versed in elephant expression, I was left in doubt as to whether the sound meant joy or sorrow. We visited another similar scene near a large sawmill which we explored under the leadership of the manager.” (pp. 114, 115)


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