Travels In The Far East (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The front cover of the book is green and gold. The countries listed are Egypt, India, Burma, Ceylon, Java, Siam, China, Manchuria and Korea.


[picture: A Tower of Silence]

A Tower of Silence

The circular wall here encloses a place of the dead, where bodies are left to be picked apart by the vultures that we see sitting on the wall and in the tall palm trees in this photograph. [more...]


[picture: Agra Palace and part of wall and gateway to the fort.]

Agra Palace and part of wall and gateway to the fort.

While the centre of attraction in Agra is the Taj Mahal, the fort, palace, and Moti Musjid (Pearl Mosque) are of equal interest. here we see the impress of three rulers, Akbar (the grandson of the noted Mogul king, Baber, and son of Humauyn, both of whom lived at [...] [more...]


[picture: Fort Dufferin and the moat, Mandalay]

Fort Dufferin and the moat, Mandalay

Mandalay was the capital of Burma until the British captured the country in 1885. After that, the headquarters of the region were based here, in Fort Dufferin. Today Mandalay is one of the largest [...] [more...]


[picture: Elephants cayying logs at Rangoon]

Elephants cayying logs at Rangoon

“One morning we rose at 5 a. m. for an early excursion to see elephants haul teak from the river-bank to higher ground, where the logs would dry before transference to the sawmills. We went at this time to avoid the heat, [...]a. m. [more...]


[picture: 132b.---Temple ofthe Sacred Tooth in Kandy]

132b.—Temple ofthe Sacred Tooth in Kandy

The Temple of the Tooth Relic has its own web site, It has a photograph of the same temple entrance on the page about the temple history. [more...]


[picture: The stairs leading to a Prambanam temple.]

The stairs leading to a Prambanam temple.

“We drove on, perhaps a mile farther, and came to a wonderful group of temples, dating about the same period, known as Prambanam, where we saw what excited our wonder and admiration. Though the ruins did not contain a sing;e genuine Buddha figure, holdign only many images of Hindu gods, archæologists find ample proof that they were built by [...] [more...]


[picture: Ruined Temple of Prambanam]

Ruined Temple of Prambanam

Another photograph of the temple; this one was badly printed, with a low dot-screen, unfortunately.


[picture: The fort and castle at Osaka]

The fort and castle at Osaka

Osaka, April 13th: The next morning dawned brightly, and we left in jinrikishas for a general tour, first visiting the fort where stands a noted castle, very picturesque in appearance. We hen visited the Exposition of Industrial Arts, which did not seem unlike an exposition at home in its general arrangements. The goods displayed, however, were very different. Then [...] of the place, canals being a dominant char­acteristic of the landscape. We saw a particu­larly fine temple among many others. Osaka is a commercial city of great wealth and is more celebrated from a business point of view than from its artistic aspect. (p. 233) [more...]


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