Illustrirtes Familienbuch zur Unterhaltung & Belehrung häuslicher Kreise, V Band (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover, Family Book]

Front Cover, Family Book

The copy of this book that i have is bound is bound in black, with gold lettering on the spine. The size i have given is approximate.


[picture: Title Page, Family Book Vol 5]

Title Page, Family Book Vol 5

The title page has at least five different lettering styles, and also includes a vignette, a small illustration, a Paddle steamer on stormy seas. [more...]


[picture: Paddle steamer on stormy seas]

Paddle steamer on stormy seas

This vignette, with irregular sides, is engraved on the title page. It shows a steam-powered paddle-boat that’s also fitted with masts for sails, funnel belching smoke, with a amaller sailing boat in the foreground. The paddle steamer is listing heavily, so the boat in the foreground could be a lifeboat. In the background [...] [more...]


[picture: Cividale:  Il Ponte Del Diavolo]

Cividale: Il Ponte Del Diavolo

The Devil’s Bridge in Cividale del Friuli [more...]


[picture: The Old Bachelor]

The Old Bachelor

Der alte JunggeselleIl vecchio celibe [more...]


[picture: The Importunate Visitor]

The Importunate Visitor

Der Zudringliche – L’mportuno [more...]


[picture: Rudolph von Habsburg.]

Rudolph von Habsburg.

This engraving by Schultheiss is based on an oil painting by Moitz von Schwind, and depicts a scene about Rudolf von Habsburg (1218 – 1291), King of Germany. The story is that Rudolf, when he was still Count of Swabia, met a priest who was carrying the Sacrement for a Mass. Rudolf got off his horse to let the priest ride, out of respect for the Host. [...] [more...]


[picture: Lake Como: The Waterfall of the Fiumelatte]

Lake Como: The Waterfall of the Fiumelatte

The River Fiumelatte in Varenna in Italy, a town built on a steep slope and with a rapid river running through it. There are brdges, one of stone and one looking rather rickety of wood; there are houses and probably [...] [more...]


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