Hone’s Everyday Book (page 5/6)

[picture: Summer]


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[picture: July]


A naked and barefoot bearded man rides a lion, holding reins. He carries a two-handed scythe strapped to his back, with a sickle at his side, and laughs, with his right [...] [more...]


[picture: August and Virgo]

August and Virgo

The eighth was August, being rich array’d
In garment all of gold downe to the ground:
Yet rode he not, but led a lovely mayd
Forth by the lily hand, the which was crown’d
With eares of corne [wheat], and full her hand was found.
That was the righteous Virgin, which of old
Liv’d heare on earth, and plenty made abound;
But after wrong was lov’d, and justice solde,
She left th’ unrighteous world, and was to heav’n extoll’d. Spenser ” (p. 1058) [more...]


[picture: Cats]


A group of cats gathers round an open music book to sing christmas carols. A trombone, violin, banjo and other instruments are visible, along with playing cards. Some mice play nearby. [more...]


[picture: 1134.---Ancient Printing-office]

1134.—Ancient Printing-office

“An exact old writer says of printers at this season of the year [August 25th], that “It is customary for all journeymen to make every year, new paper windows about Bartholomew-tide, at which time the master printer makes them a feast called a way-goose, to which is invited the corrector, founder, smith, ink-maker &c. who all open their purses and give to the workmen to spend in the tavern or ale-house after the feast. [...] [more...]


[picture: September]


(page 1146) [more...]


[picture: Hare and Tabor]

Hare and Tabor

Every image collection needs a picture of a hare or rabbit beating a drum, so here it is! [more...]


[picture: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

September 8 is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin; that is, the supposed birthday of the mother of Jesus. She is shown wearing a crown, with a starburst of [...] [more...]


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