Hone’s Everyday Book (page 3/6)

[picture: Aquarius, or, the Water Bearer.]

Aquarius, or, the Water Bearer.

“The sun enters Aquarius on this day [21st January], though he does not enter it in the visible zodiac until the 18th of February. [more...]


[picture: February]


“— — Then came cold February, sitting
In an old waggon, for he could not ride,
Drawne of two fishes, for the season fitting,
Which through the flood before did softly slyde
And swim away; yet had he by his side
His plough and harnesse fit to till the ground,
And tooles to prune the trees before the pride
Of hasting prime did make them burgeon round.   Spenser.” (p. 195) [more...]


[picture: Awaiting the postman on Saint Valentine's Day]

Awaiting the postman on Saint Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s day, the 14th of February (US: February 14) [more...]


[picture: A beast devours a human heart]

A beast devours a human heart

This illustration appears in the entry for February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day. [more...]


[picture: Pisces]


The zodiacal sign of pisces, two fish, here with a ribbon or rope bound from the tail of one to that of the other. [more...]


[picture: March]


“—Sturdy March with brows full sternly bent
  And armed strongly, rode upon a ram,
  The same which over Hellespontus swam;
Yet in his hand a spade he also hent,
  And in a bag all sorts of weeds ysame,
Which on the earth he strewed as he went,
And fill’d her womb with fruitfull hope of nourishment.     Spenser.” (p. 311) [more...]


[picture: Spring]


Spring, the book informs us, commences on the 6th of March, and lasts ninety-three days. The woodcut shows a winged infant boy holding flowers. The following verse is printed beneath the engraving: [more...]


[picture: Fourteenth Century Man]

Fourteenth Century Man

Showing how men dressed in the fourteenth century.


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